BNB Volatility: Avorak Thrives in Crypto Market Turmoil

• Binance is the recent entity to face regulatory pressure from the US Securities and Exchange Commission, sparking volatility in BNB.
• Avorak AI is an upcoming crypto project that can capitalize on this volatility.
• Avorak developers are creating a trading tool called Avorak Trade which will utilize a single command line input to execute trades for both small-scale and large-scale traders.

Binance & SEC Battle it Out

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has accused BinanceUS (a subsidiary of Binance) and CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) of violating several regulations. This news has sparked fear and panic among crypto enthusiasts, causing the price of BNB to become highly volatile.

Avorak Thrives In Volatility

Crypto markets are characterized by high levels of volatility due to their lack of regulation, making them a difficult space to maneuver in without adequate tools. Avorak developers are creating an AI-powered trading tool called Avorak Trade which utilizes a single command line input to execute trades for both small-scale and large-scale traders. This feature will help reduce human error while increasing accuracy during times of high market volatility.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

The best way to counter market uncertainty is by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). AI helps provide more accurate predictions on how prices can move over time, giving investors an advantage when it comes to managing their investments in times of high market volatility. Additionally, AI provides automation capabilities which allow users to set up automated strategies for their portfolios with minimal effort on their part.

Reducing Human Error

Using AI reduces errors associated with manual trading activities, as most decisions are made based on data rather than emotion or intuition. Automated strategies also help minimize emotions from influencing investment decisions; thus reducing risk associated with emotional investing mistakes such as “FOMO” or “panic selling” during turbulent market conditions.


The crypto markets have been known for its unpredictability and extreme levels of volatility due its decentralized nature and lack of regulation; however, with advanced technology such as artificial intelligence, investors can capitalize on these opportunities without having to worry about human error or emotions clouding their judgemental decisions when investing in risky assets such as cryptos